Monday, August 26, 2013

Espresso Kampot

Piccilo pulled pork slider Kampuchea Bacon pancakes IMG_0096 IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0163 IMG_0169 cemita puebla w/ home made queso fresco pan seared trevally w/ chimichurri + mint, snow pea and house feta salad pulled pork tacos Kampuchea cheese burger sliders fish tacos


  1. Espresso
    truly is to help difficult every now and then to buy these offered after which the idea obvious these and in addition location these out and about. More secure to help grasp a whole new blade.

  2. Wow those food are so tempting! But above all I really love the espresso ^_^…. I am a coffee addict that’s why I have my own best coffee maker in my kitchen. I love the work of my coffee maker it always gives me the perfect taste of coffee.